Day #13: Is Your Heart Right With God?

"But what was sown on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it. He produces a crop..."

Matthew 13:23, NIV


I love the parable of the soils! Perhaps no other parable reveals so much about the importance of our hearts being right before God. You know the parable. A man goes out to sow his seed and encounters four different types of soil. Jesus tells us about the hard soil, the soil among the rocks, the soil among the weeds, and the good soil. He reveals that the seed being sown is the Word of God, and that the soil the seed is sown upon is the heart of the individual.


He tells us that the seed sown upon the path stands for those with a hard heart. Satan can easily take the Word of God away from such people because of this hardness. The second soil type is the rocky soil. It represents the shallow hearted man who likes what he hears, but who has no depth. The word cannot take root unless something is done. The third type of soil may be the one we can most readily identify with, for the seed does take root, but it has to compete with all of the other things in our lives. And finally, when the pure Word of God is planted in a good and noble heart, it explodes into productive growth.


I used to think that the different soils represented different people, and I guess I was about half right, for that is true enough. But what I failed to grasp for so long was that the different soils also represented my heart at the different times of my life. Sometimes it was hard and easy pickins' for Satan to remove the word from. At times I have been too shallow to let the seed really take hold - at other times too distracted to let it produce much even after it had taken root. But, during the times when I was really focused on living for God, the seed that is the Word of God could work in my life to nourish both myself and others in an abundant manner.


The one constant through all of this is the Word of God. It is always perfect, and will always grow when it finds good soil. The one variable is the heart of men. This, by the way, is why we are reading the pure Word of God. It is so that we might get our hearts right with God, so that the pure Word may grow in our hearts and produce good fruit!


Today's reading is from the 13th chapter of Matthew. I pray that God will richly bless you as you allow His Word to be sown deep into your heart, that you may be able to do that which He put you here for in the first place - to produce good fruit for Him!